We welcome our newest members to the NC100BWCOC! 



The National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc., Central Ohio Chapter is a steadfast and devoted service partner, unwavering in our commitment to the upliftment and empowerment of young ladies and women across Central Ohio. Our legacy of advocacy spans well over a decade, during which we have tirelessly championed the rights and opportunities of our community. Our advocacy work is the very heartbeat of our mission, a testament to our profound belief in the power of collective action to drive transformative change. 

We stand as fierce advocates for the elimination of disparities and systemic inequalities that persist in our society, working relentlessly to ensure that the concerns and aspirations of young ladies and women in Central Ohio are not merely acknowledged but acted upon. Through strategic partnerships, thoughtfully crafted policy initiatives, community engagement, and an unwavering commitment to amplifying the voices of those who need it most, we seek to ensure that our advocacy paves the way for a more just and equitable society where every individual can flourish and thrive.

Let's Connect and Empower Together

Engage with us! Whether you have questions, or ideas, or want to get involved in our mission, we're here to listen and collaborate. Reach out to NC100BWCOC and be a part of positive change in Central Ohio. Your voice matters, and together, we can make a real impact.

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