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​Public Policy

​Public Policy

Our Public Policy Committee plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the rights and interests of black women and girls are protected and advanced. We recognize the profound impact that public policies can have on our community, whether in the realms of health, education, or economic security. Therefore, our committee takes an active approach to researching, analyzing, and influencing public policies that have a direct impact on the empowerment of our community.

Our activities are multifaceted, including voter education and registration, increasing women's participation in the political process, advocating for family and medical leave, issuing policy alerts, providing testimony, drafting position papers, and organizing an annual Ohio Legislative Day. Our mission is to ensure that public policies are not only aligned with but actively support our mission to empower black women and girls. We are committed to shaping policies that work in favor of the well-being and advancement of our community, creating a more equitable and inclusive society for all.

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